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Connecting Families through

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Are you looking to connect with biological family? Maybe you've taken a DNA test and you're not sure the next steps? Contact me or start with my blog for some tips. I'm excited to connect with you!

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I am passionate about so many things. At the top of my list is genealogy. I wake up in the morning excited for research and go to bed thinking of how to solve the next problem. I have been researching for over twenty years. My interest started when I was young and caught fire as an undergraduate in a beginning family history class -- so much so that I switched majors, shifting to a family history degree. I then went on to get a master's degree in library science. 


My passion has continued. I have spent countless hours researching my own tree, plus those of friends and family. DNA has changed the landscape of genealogy and I have embraced it. I have helped many people find their biological parents through DNA testing. I am thorough, yet efficient and have created a process that provides results for my clients. Every project is different and requires different strategies for solving. I am a problem solver.  I would love to help you with your family research and making the connections you desire.


How I Can

Help You


30 min  |  Free

Biological parent search

Let's chat about how you'd like me to help you. My expertise is in finding biological parents for those that are adopted or have an unknown parent. Please reach out to me! I've established a no find no fee service. For you, this means that you only pay me if I find the biological parent that you are seeking. When the search is successful, my fee is $800. Contact me with any questions you may have. 



I do more than just tracking down parents. This can range from finding more distant biological family through your DNA results, coming up with a research strategy, tracing your family tree, or filling in the branches with descendants. I would LOVE to help you accomplish your genealogy goals! Following a consultation, rates are $45/hour.

Other research


Do your test results feel underwhelming? Not sure how to apply DNA to your tree? Would you like to understand more of the tools?  I offer coaching that focuses on DNA tools and analysis. Whether you are seasoned or just getting started, I'm here to help you come up with a research plan and better understand your DNA results. One session is often just what you need to get started. $90/90 min.

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